Queen St. Story

From Queen St. Auckland CBD:

While New Zealand is most famous for it's natural landscapes, like the dramatic mountain ranges of the South Island depicted in Lord of the Rings, and the lush rolling hills of the North Island also made famous in the movie series as the setting for Hobbittown; there are actually some cities here.

Ok, there's one city.

With a population just over a million inhabitants the sprawling city of Auckland is a Pasifika take on low density, high cost urbanity. Also known locally as Aotearoa, New Zealand is home to a diverse representation of South Pacific peoples, European descendant Kiwis, and a large population of Asian, Middle Eastern, and African immigrants. Auckland is in fact the most ethnically diverse city of New Zealand, and it's largest. 

Queen St. runs right through the heart of the Central Business district, and if there was a "main" street, this would be it. Flaunting major international brands like Dior, and Chanel, as well as regional players like Cotton On and Hallentstein Brothers Queen St is lowkey the strip, for good shopping eating, and there's also at least one actual strip club. 

Perfect spot to set up for a few shots of the most recent drop, "Love Before Censorship" which undertakes a range of pieces designed to express the freedom of self expression as an element of self love.

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