Goodluck X Joe Seph

It's difficult to find an oasis of momentary calm in the eclectic pulsing city of Hanoi Vietnam Until we got kicked out for shooting there however we found just that on a rooftop on Ma May central Old Quarter to shoot a few of the looks from the Goodluck X Joe Seph collaboration at one of my absolute favorite places in the world really, Nola Cafe. 
Eventually the told us we should've asked permission to shoot there, and apparently it costs, or some shit like that, but at least an hour had already passed by that time and until then we'd had a run of the place. 
Hoa, agreed to model some of the looks which was dope, because I was already a huge fan of her video dj work around some of central Hanoi's best clubs. Her the mind bending visuals coupled with near heart ache inducing levels of sound at places like Ball 8 Bar make for a memorable night. 
Well, after a few balloons you probably won't actually remember it but you'll enjoy it while it's happening.
What Joe Seph, has been able to do with his shots is portray a Hanoi that is difficult to see. It's little secrets, tucked away amid a buffet of sights, sounds, and constant action. His eye finds lightest brush stroke on a master canvas of life, and captures it for a moment. 
Particularly interesting are the images of locks, on different shutter frames which communicate a sense of secrecy, against a backdrop of intensely eye catching color. 
Peep the newest pieces and if you're even in Hanoi holla at me I know all the spots.