Artless X Goodluck

I got a chance to link up with Olivia, the creative mind behind Artless on a slightly overcast day in Auckland. An NZ native who's been living in Spain for the past few years, and developing a series based on social connectivity in the internet age, highlighting some of the eclectic mix of people she's come across in her daily life and travels. 

Luckily I got to ask her a few questions you can read below about her work, life, and inspirations as well as have my portrait taken. She works quickly, and was able to communicate a clear vision for her work, which made me even more excited to pose. 

Olivia Pratt @artlessspace

What is Artless?

Artless is a collaborative Art platform that works with other Creatives and is based on the photographic medium. The definition of Artless is a counterstatement, as Artless may mean unpretentious, natural and simple. Although we’d like things to appear that way!  Photography clearly came from humankind, and to be frank, photos themselves ain’t that unassuming… Having said that, everyone is considered an equal at Artless, we just try to deliver on the ‘chichi’ when it comes to all things visual and stylization. 

Olivia Pratt @artlessspace

What attracts you to a subject?

That’s a really hard one… Like trying to explain why you like something, but struggle, because putting that into words means making sense of it, and a lot of time we’re just drawn to something/someone, for whatever unexplainable, call it chemical reason… I do like a bit of grunge and color though … because as hard as we try, nothing’s really clean and perfect (at least because of us) and color in my opinion adds a bit of beauty to the ‘grit’. 


How does the digital landscape shape the world of photography?

For one, it makes it so much more accessible. Now with apps like Instagram, everyone can try their hand out at this art form. Along with accessibility I think everything is easier and faster in a number of ways.  Not only are we connecting with a wider audience globally, but also this switch to the digital camera means the photographic process is a lot less time consuming overall. Fewer things are being printed and now just go live, or are uploaded straight away. 

Olivia Pratt @artlessspace

Best city for 3 am drunk food?

Honestly anywhere that sells a bomb falafel kebab, all toppings included not at a steep price… hahah.  Aluminum foil is also usually 100% recyclable (if it’s still clean), so kebabs or durums are a win-win, hands down.

What do you dream about?

I’m sure I dream at night, but I rarely remember my dreams or have lucid ones… I have these blackout wooden blinds that they have here in Spain, and I’m usually out like a light, because of them. I daydream a lot though! Especially when I’m walking and listening to music. I’ve down this for a long time, but I usually imagine a video clip to the song I’m listening to, and depict it in my head… must be my inner arty freak in me haha.     

Olivia Pratt @artlessspace


If there was anything you could change about the world tomorrow what would it be?

Following on from that little sustainable tip above. I’d  like to change governments and large cooperation’s minds to make environmental issues a forefront on their long list of shit to tackle, or that those harmful materials simply ceased to exist!

Olivia Pratt @artlessspace

What’s the most important emotion you try to capture or convey through photography?

I think overall mother earth is rather simple and humble but us as human beings, we’re beautifully complex. I try to capture the in between, through place and face. I try to capture my subjects off guard; in a space where they can tap into this myriad of emotions we all hold within.


The project is her unique combination of places spaces + faces, and you can find select pieces on her ig @artlessspace.