The Story Behind the Brand

  • Merging Worlds with VESTIMENTA

    I linked up with Vincent the creative mind behind VESTIMENTA on Auckland's High Street amidst some of the cities premier shopping destinations. We weren't there to browse though, and quickly headed several floors up to a little cutty shooting location he'd used a couple times previous along with a rising voice in Auckland's rap scene Emmanz1.....
  • Fashion is a muse: A Conversation with stylist Ju Hui Lin

    I was somewhat thrown into this shoot and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but when stylist Ju Hui Lin told me that a photographer friend o...
  • Artless X Goodluck

    What is Artless?

    Artless is a collaborative Art platform that works with other Creatives and is based on the photographic medium. The definition of Artless is a counterstatement, as Artless may mean unpretentious, natural and simple. Although we’d like things to appear that way!  Photography clearly came from humankind, and to be frank, photos themselves ain’t that unassuming…
  • Queen St. Story

    From Queen St. Auckland CBD....
  • Goodluck X Joe Seph

    It's difficult to find an oasis of momentary calm in the eclectic pulsing city of Hanoi Vietnam. Until we got kicked out for shooting there however we found just that on a rooftop on Ma May central Old Quarter to shoot a few of the looks from the Goodluck X Joe Seph collaboration....
  • We Dreamt (Visual Story)

    On the back roads of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, weaving through narrow streets and walking through the glitter strewn fog of dreams.
  • Fulong Beach (Visual Story)

    The ride down the North Eastern coast of Taiwan is idyllic. The views are a blend of deep blues, contrasted by Martian red cliffs dotted with greenery.
  • The Story Behind the Brand

    It was an accident really. Well, I guess not so much an accident as happenstance, somewhere in the North of Thailand along the Mekong River. I'd tell you exactly where but odds are you don't know the place. Odds equally suggest I forgot the name.